5 Reasons Why eBay Sucks for Sellers and Why You Should Use Best eBay Alternatives

Almost everyone is selling online nowadays. In fact, if you have any item you don’t use anymore, there are tons of online auction sites where you can sell those items and make money. eBay used to be the best online auction sites to sell items you don’t use anymore. Unfortunately, the site has regressed over the years.
eBay no longer dominate the online auction sites, there are new platforms where you can get a better result than on eBay. Since 2015, the number of sellers that are dumping eBay for these new platforms is increasing every day. Most sellers have been burned by eBay in the past while new sellers find it difficult getting sales. If you are tired of dealing with a lot of issues on this platform, it is high-time you considered moving to eBay alternatives.

Top 5 Reasons Why eBay Suck!
Cost and Fees
The worst part of selling on eBay is that you may end up sharing all your profit with the platform. This is one of the major reasons why sellers are dumping the platform for eBay alternatives such as PriceWow.
The eBay fees depend on the item you listed, the selling price as well as whether or not you have an eBay store. To use eBay, you will have to pay both the insertion fee and a final value fee. If you want to upgrade to listings like bold listings, you will have to pay another fee. By the time you pay all these fees, you may have spent more than your potential profit. If you are selling a low-priced item, eBay is not the best platform to make a profit. Instead, sell your item on eBay alternative.

Terrible Customer Service
eBay is known for poor customer service. You can contact the eBay team through their email address but be ready to wait for days before receiving an answer. Moreover, eBay has no third-party resolution for sellers and buyers. This means buyers don’t get the kind of support they deserved like the one that is offered by lots of new eBay UK alternatives.

Illegitimate Feedback
The competition on eBay is quite high. This makes sellers resort to shoddy practices to bring down their competitors. Some of these sellers will buy your product and give you a negative feedback. Unfortunately, once this is done, there is no way you can remove it.

Dealing with PayPal
eBay uses PayPal as their major payment option. Unfortunately, this has not worked well for most sellers. A lot of sellers have abandoned their hard-earned money with PayPal due to their annoying rules. Moreover, even if you manage to get your payment out, you will still have to lose some part of your earnings to them as commission.
Again, most buyers from some countries don’t have access to PayPal; this means you won’t get sales from these customers. On the other hand, most of eBay alternatives such as PriceWow have multiple payment options. This simply means you can choose the one you like if you don’t want to deal with PayPal issues.

Fraud and Scams
#The popularity of eBay has attracted people with malicious intent. A lot of buyers have complained about losing their money on this platform or getting a product that is quite different from what they ordered. Most of new eBay alternatives have strict policies and better technology for monitoring scams and fraud. If you want to stay safe online, consider using these eBay alternatives.

Messy Interface
It seems like every time eBay tries to update their interface it gets worse. Despite serious complaints, you will still have it difficult getting access to some of the menu or finding what you are searching for. eBay alternatives such as PriceWow shows exactly how the use of simplistic design can help both the sellers and buyers as well.

Best eBay Alternative
Fortunately, it is no more business as usual for eBay. This is no longer 2005 when there is no site to challenge them. Today, you can find tons online auction sites that act as eBay alternative. One of such sites is PriceWow. It is currently the best eBay alternative in the UK. Using this platform, you can get more sales and even sell your items faster with a peace of mind.